Thursday, May 29, 2014

Road Trip Remedies

There are many blogs out there with TONS of great information on getting from one point to the next without a colossal melt down or two.  With four kids under the age of seven, we have our fair share of secrets.  Would you like to know some?  I thought you might.  

  1. Pack ONE pillow, blanket, and special sleep with buddy for each child.
  2. About two weeks before <without them looking> grab a few of their favorite toys for the trip.  Put them in their own bag and stash it where they won't get to or see it before the trip.
  3. Hit the dollar store and dollar bins at Target.  Pick up small trinkets, books, and toys.
  4. Get some glow sticks for traveling at night for a fun change of pace.
  5. Get a special plastic cup for each child as their snack cup.  Ours were a dollar at Party City.
  6. Get a special water bottle for each child as their drink to be refilled throughout the trip.
  7. Print out a "treasure map" and mark highlights to pass along your way. (We were going to Oklahoma through St. Louis so naturally we had to pass a huge arch, some pretty big rocks, and trees, the Oklahoma City temple, and treasure chest with an X to mark Grandma P's house.)  Mark off your progress as you go.
  8. Plan according to nap and eat times.
  9. Take breaks!
  10. Take pictures and have the kids help you take pictures.
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Read aloud
  13. Find choice gems along the road and exploit them.
  14. Picture books of the people you will be going to see
  15. Keep snacks within the navigator's reach
  16. Play all those games that kept you occupied when you were their age.
  17. Tell stories of the kids when they were younger.
  18. Create surprise "on the way home" bags full of things that they have never seen before.  (That last few hours before you get back home is the hardest for adults and kids alike, so give them something new that you saved just for those last tiresome hours.)

He made it to FIVE

Who knew our boy would actually make it to his fifth birthday, but he did!  Even with setting the garbage on fire and breaking the window with his hand, he still made it.  Phew!

Here he is. . .