Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome to Thanksgiving

Who would have thought that when I went to bed and woke up one morning it would be NOVEMBER.  So begins the endurance race of the holiday season.  So far I have already had crankiness creeping over the ranks and snow is predicted for tonight.  Oh the joys! 

Now, I know it is a little late to tell all of you, but the first of November came and the children were treated with a lecture <that's right, part of being a mother from my family I guess>.  

Halloween is now over.  You may continue to gorge yourselves 
on the candy you worked so hard collecting, but today starts a 
new month.  November is here and with it comes Thanksgiving.  
What does that word mean?  Thanks---giving.  That's right kids; we 
give thanks this month.  If you aren't being thankful for something, then 
you don't need to say it.  Just so all of you know, Mom and Dad are 
done shopping for your Christmas.  If you find something you want on 
your lists, I will be happy to write it down and send it to your grandmas. 
We want to hear: "I am thankful for my food, clothes, school friends, 
family."  We don't want to hear: "I want, I need, Can I please have..."

So far, we have only had one problem with the greedy gimmies and that was this morning.  One whole week and a half of peace!  I am putting that in with the wins.  

Now I try not to be one of the moms that says one thing and does another, so I am thankful.  I am thankful for my family and all four of my spunky children, and yes all the noise they make as well. I am thankful for my mother who taught me how to love and my dad who taught me what a man is.  My heart pours over with gratitude for my husband for loving me and teaching me just how deep that love is.  Here's to the great month of Thanksgiving!

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