Sunday, June 26, 2011

Five in the morning on a Sunday.  I bet you thought about sleeping in before you would roll out of bed, throw on your Sunday best and get to church late.  You were wrong.  Five am and you are up with a six month old who thought it would be fun to crawl out of her bassinet.  Thank goodness you found her before she fell onto the hard floor, but of course she can't go back to sleep without being comforted--i.e. fed.  So, now you are wide awake with nothing to do but walk around as silent as death himself because if any one of your family members wakes up you will be a dead duck in the water.
Even the thought of food is out of the question.  They are like that old dog at your grandpa's house.  He can't hear a thing--not you yelling for him to come, not a window breaking as someone sneaks in to steal the TV, not even a cat scratching at the door--but he always comes running when the food pours into his bowl.  Your kids instinctively hear the crackle of cereal bags, or smell the rich bacon you are dreaming about right now.  You know that the second you even think about the ham and cheese omelet or powdered french toast with strawberries and whip cream, they will wake up and come running into the kitchen to mimic the seagulls in Nemo (for those of you with too young or old enough kids, the sea gulls' only line in the movie is "Mine" repeated a hundred times)  Oh it may just start out with the two year old, but within seconds all three of your older ones are up and running which in turn wakes up Dad and the dog who then wake up the baby you just so successfully put back to sleep. 
So, instead you wait impatiently as the clock slowly ticks away each second.  You think about all the things you could be doing instead.  Of course sleep tops the list, but soon the mountain called your "To Do List" starts coming to mind.  Work out, clean the tub, toilet, dishes, etc., shopping, dinner planning, call your doctor about that thing, call your sister who is probably up with your niece, call your mother just to annoy her because she is a grandmother now so she is sleeping blissfully, get caught  up on the ironing, sewing, laundry.  Each item your dismiss, because why would you want to make that much noise or go through that much trouble.  You finally decide to surf the web.  After all your typing only makes minimal sound and you won't have any breakfast smells or early morning lights to try to hide.  So it is now five-thirty am, and I only have one more half hour before I can have the french toast.

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