Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Dad Moment 1

Yesterday my husband got home early, and we took the kids grocery shopping at Costco.  Our Costco is about fifteen minutes away.  While we were on our way home, we were trying to keep all of the munchkins awake--you know the drill, if they fall asleep in the car, good riddance to a decent bed time routine.  One of their new favorite songs came on the radio (our six-year-old thought it was "The Black Eyed Peas" but it wasn't; amazing what they pick up at such an early age), and we all jammed out to it, even Dad. Not to waste a good thing, we had them dance to all of the songs the whole way home so that they would stay awake.
Today, during errands, the first song we started dancing to came on again.  Our sweet daughter (almost four) says, "Mom, Dada and I danced to this song."  Thank goodness for a Great Dad Moment.

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