Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Vacation

We have been gone on a whirlwind of a trip!  We had a family wedding to go to in Oklahoma.  Since we live in the Chicagoland area, it ended up being about 16 hours in the car with 4 kids.  Yes, we know; we are insane.  We had some good times though.  Here are just a few of the hundreds of pictures we took for our highlights.  I hope you enjoy!

The St. Louis Arch

The Four at the St. Louis Arch

The St. Louis Arch

                                    Crazy Stuff 
from the Road

Horse Carriage on the Back of a Horse Trailer.
How'd they get that up there?
The Boy with Tow Mater!
That's right, this homemade Mater made his day!

Oklahoma Is Awesome

The Boy Riding a Tractor at Grandma P's Work.
The Boy Riding With Grandpa P.

The Cousin's Altogether for the First Time!

K's idea of a good time after a day of wedding chaos.
Yes, she is still in her dress Grandma P made her for
the wedding.
What would a vacation be without naps?
Or sickness?  The baby is sick; the mom
is taking a nap.

 Who doesn't love BOWLING?  It is fast becoming a
P family tradition, and even our little ones love it.
L won this round, but we will see who wins next time we go.

The Trip Home

We love trying out new parks on the road.
L loves the swings, and this one was right next to
a great Antiques store in Illinois.
Dad's love parks just as much as the kids.
This one was at our last rest stop before home.
The older girls like catching fireflies, but Mom and Dad
liked the old teeter-totter.

Springfield, Illinois

"The Big Girls" posing at the Capitol Building

Lincoln's Tomb.  We got there too late to go inside,
but the tranquility of the grounds was wonderful
after so much chaos. 

Lincoln's bust at Lincoln's Tomb.
Rub his nose for luck.

The Four at Lincoln's Tomb.
 Excuse the Mess Heads;
we had been in the car for almost two
days by this point.

These are just the highlights of a very long, but super fun trip.  It was so nice to go to things we normally just drive by.  We also took back roads the way home, and let me just say, SO PRETTY!  The crazy things we saw on the road was just a small fraction.  We saw some crazy stuff.  Thanks for stopping by, and leave a comment if you have seen some crazier stuff, or an experience of good ol' road trip fun.  Have a happy day!

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