Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let the Spoiling Begin

So my Daily Dose hasn't been very daily.  In my defense I did say it was an experiment.  This weekend was a marathon.
When my mother came back from her whirlwind trip of Paris and Rome, she was supposed to leave the next day, but her flight was canceled.  Cue more spoiling time!  Movie night, shopping, and a special dinner for our July birthday girl.
She left the next day, but we had a friend come into town . He read to the kids at any sign of weakness.  He must have read every book in the library two or three times over.  Rookie mistake--never start reading a book without setting up exactly when the reading time will be over.
The next day my husband's biological grandparents (adoption is a common word in our home, so if this seems weird to you, it is common enough here) came to spoil them some more.  Gifts, dinner, late night, and yet again more movie and books. They live in New Mexico so we don't get to see them often enough for this to be obnoxious, but by now my kids have had three late nights and counting.
FOURTH OF JULY, I hope you all had a safe and happy fourth.  We allowed the older three to stay up and watch the firework display for the first time this year.  So today, you can imagine just how my day had the potential to be.  Surprisingly enough, no such thing happened.  My kids have been GOLD; they even took naps today without the usual fit fanfare.  Hot Dog!  My kids survived the spoiling and continue to live to tell the tales!

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