Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Sleep?

Gee Mom, I don't wanna go to sleep.  Why is it that children have this aversion to getting the one thing that they need?  I know it is hard to believe, but out of my four children, I don't have a single one that is a decent sleeper right now.  Screaming and crying until their little bodies are so exhausted that they can do nothing but cry themselves to sleep.  Why?  Why is it so interesting to stay awake when really our bodies are yelling for us to stop.  Let's just continue to be miserable instead of taking the cure?

Oddly enough, as I am writing this I see a lot of similarities in adults.  Why do adults continue to do things that are bad for them?  Why do WE stay up to watch the Late Late show with Craig even though it is already Tivo-ed? I am sure there is a correlation there somewhere.  Maybe my children just are normal human beings--just small ones.  I guess I should go try to save my seven-month-old from herself.  I'll go lye her down....again.

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